Asian Handicap

What is Asian handicap betting?

The Asian handicap betting markets are perfect for soccer traders looking for an alternative to the more traditional 1X2. We explain what Asian handicap betting is, how to bet on the markets and its benefits.

The Asian Handicap betting market is often considered complex, but once you understand the concept, you will have a fresh perspective on soccer trading.

What is the Asian handicap?

In a soccer game there is a difference in perceived quality between the two opponents. The differential varies determined by a series of disposition and situation factors such as:

Historical performance
Financial capability
Local field advantage
Player availability – suspensions or injuries
Traders and bookmakers interpret these factors and represent each team’s chances of success with odds – their implied probability of winning the game.

Depending on the perceived abilities of the two teams, the difference can be significant, leaving little value on the favorite and minimal returns in standard 1X2 markets.

Asian Handicap betting markets counteract the perceived bias in skills, leveling the playing field and eliminating the option of a draw, resulting in better odds.

This is done by applying a positive or negative goal handicap to each side depending on which team is perceived as the favorite (negative) or underdog (positive).

Asian level handicap betting

An Asian Handicap level is offered when there is no perceived difference in skills between two teams, both teams start the game with 0 goals. Basically, you are betting on the overall winner of the game.

The difference is that the tie has been eliminated; so if the match ends in level, your bet is refunded. This is the same as a Draw No Bet market.

The table below shows how the result at an Asian Handicap Level, with no perceived advantage to either team, affects their payout.

Asian level handicap betting
  • Void bet: the bet is void and your bet is returned.

Individual Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Single Handicap bets are ideal when there is a large perceived difference in skill between two teams.

The supposed best team will receive a goal handicap to eliminate the quality difference for betting purposes. For example, they will start the game with -0.5, -1, -1.5, -2 goals.

The table below highlights how a Single Asian Handicap result affects your payout.

Individual Asian Handicap Betting

Asian Split Handicap Betting (Quarters)

A split Asian Handicap betting market is available when the adjudicated difference between the skill of the two teams is less defined.

The market allows you to divide your participation in a team into two handicaps. For example, a favorite team can start the game with (0 and -0.5), (-0.5 and -1), (-1 and -1.5) goals. These markets are also frequently referred to as Asian Handicaps with a quarter target, where 0 and -0.5 would appear as -0.25, -0.5 and -1 would appear as -0.75 and so on.

The table below describes how the result of a split Asian Handicap affects your payout.

Asian Handicap Split Betting
  • Win half the bet: You win half of your bet, which is multiplied by your odds, and half is returned.
  • Lose Half Bet – You lose half your bet and the other half is returned.

Benefits of Asian handicap bets

You can trade Asian handicaps in play, reacting to match the details, allowing you to trade exactly as you would in any other football market, placing bets before the game to give yourself trading opportunities, or use the Asian handicap market during the game to secure a profit.

Additionally, there are a number of benefits to betting on the Asian handicap markets:

Even if the team you backed is defeated, your bet may still win or be void, depending on the handicap. This reduces your risk of losing your bet compared to a 1X2 market. For example, the two charts below show the winning results on a bet for the Underdog to win in the 1X2 market compared to the Underdog covering the + 1.5 handicap.