Responsible Game

Responsible Gaming consists in the rational and sensible choice of game options, which take into account the situation and personal circumstances of the player, preventing the game from becoming a problem. Responsible Gambling implies an informed and educated decision by consumers with the sole purpose of entertainment, distraction and in which the value of what is played never exceeds what the individual can afford .

Responsible Gambling is a leisure and entertainment activity and never interferes with social, professional or family obligations.

The responsible player:

  1. The responsible player plays for fun and entertainment, not to earn money. He knows he can get lucky and win, but he can also lose.
  2. Playing responsibly means making decisions based on facts, maintaining control over the time and money you want to spend.
  3. Playing responsibly, makes the game activity a pleasant, fun experience, without risk of harm to yourself, family and / or friends.

How to play responsibly:

  1. Play for fun, not for money or to avoid problems.
  2. Don’t chase or try to recover losses.
  3. Play for fun, enjoy winning but consider that you can also lose.
  4. Do not borrow money to play.
  5. Play only the money you have decided to spend on the fun. Never use the money you usually allocate to your fixed expenses, such as food, transportation, …
  6. In times of emotional crisis, self-control decreases: avoid playing in those moments.
  7. Do not let the game affect your relationships with family and friends.
  8. Set a time limit and money to play.
  9. The only measured game is the fun game