These are the results of the 2021-2022 season

Today I am writing to tell you only how this season is going.

Since A 1, 2021 we have made 320 valid tips of which we have won 60,00 % plus 3.75 % of half victories.

We have an accumulated profit of € 28.473,46 with an ROI of 1423,67 % and a YIEL of 31,74 %

I don’t know why the price of this subscription is so low. . It is not reasonable to see it at this price.

Well the same is not reasonable.

And probably when you subscribe, something similar to what happens to me will happen to you.

Your earnings will grow with

And yes, my money grows.


Well I do not know.

But if you want, subscribe from here below.


All the best.
Jose Maria

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