Sports forecasts

Why do we make forecasts for sports betting?

Proposing free sports predictions in many sports has always been the main mission of Betting and Forecasting. With the ambition of providing help with the best football sports forecasts, our experts analyze a dozen competitions, players and teams every day, and this allows you to optimize your chances of winning. Our line of conduct is clear, win together.

How do you make sports betting forecasts from our experts?

Today, BetsHappens is recognized as a reliable sports prediction page by the general opinion of its community, and relies above all on its numerous sports betting specialists who work for the group.

To find the best winning bets and propose the best odds, our experts have a particular technique, based on statistics, odds, precedents and other complementary elements of sports news.

Whether it is a Champions League match, a league match from Spain or any league in the World, each market is covered by an experienced bettor specialized in that discipline. That is why you can easily multiply your benefits with Betting and Forecasts.

How do you forecast?

Favor pre-match bets that will not be modified by the incidents of the match.
Vary the types of bets so as not to limit the possibilities of profit.
Diversify the competitions to bet on.
Small quotas should not be prioritized for no reason.
Analyze sports statistics.
To gamble properly, many principles are elementary. You have to know how to limit yourself to bets before the match starts. Safer and less susceptible to being altered by the adrenaline of the live show, they allow you to increase your options of safe benefit. That is why BetsHappens focuses on these bets, and especially on football forecasts.

In a second phase, it is necessary for the bettor to open his horizons. Sometimes limiting yourself to a single competition can lead to a certain routine, always dangerous in the betting context. We must take advantage of the list of our forecasts to vary the bets, it is important.

Finally, large shares should not be underestimated. Normally ruled out as the riskiest, the day’s predictions for the sweet tooth odds are more likely to pass than no other 1.50 options. If our sports betting specialists propose an extraordinary fee, it will have been thoroughly studied.

What is a good sports forecast?

To make good sports bets, there are not many secrets: follow the news and use the good tools. For example, our analysis of bookmakers, or our different analyzes of sports news. To go faster, our team develops all cases in each of your forecasts.